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Welcome from Delegate Wade Kach - Maryland District 5B

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Proven & Effective Leadership for Northern Baltimore County

✓ Strengthen protection of property rights, parks, farms and our neighborhoods
✓ Baltimore County must balance its need for economic development with the preservation of our farmland and open space.
✓ The County Master Plan should be our guide—and it should be a plan residents can believe in and count on.
✓ Property rights and property values are undeniably linked to conservation and both have to be balanced to secure our future.
✓ With local reservoirs cited for excess levels of phosphorous and nitrogen, the protective buffer zones are more critical than ever. If these zones are neglected, it will cost additional millions of dollars to remediate down the road.
✓ Wade has an unmatched working knowledge of government budgets and knows how to root out waste and keep spending in check.

Make our County More Responsive to the People

✓ With his state legislative experience and decades working in the Baltimore County Public Schools himself, Wade is uniquely qualified to foster cooperation between both levels of government to address and resolve school overcrowding.
✓ Stand up to Baltimore County Government bureaucracy that thinks it "knows better" than parents, teachers and seniors in our community.

✓ Control taxes and spending
✓ As a former auditor and legislator, Wade knows well the importance of smart budgeting to hold down waste and government spending.
✓ Wade is committed to decreasing our county’s rate of tax growth. He knows full well that the county budget needs constant oversight to keep taxes and spending in check.
✓ Constant budget vigilance is a must for our seniors, young families and for the county’s future growth.